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The Karnataka Land Reforms Act (2020) simplified

Over the years, land and gold have been the top choice for investments among the common man. The profits generated in the form of regular rents from owning a home have added tax benefits, financial security, appreciation and leverage for your investment. Gold offers one a downside protection and a positive performance as currencies tend […]

What does it legally mean to invest in land?

Strong land governance systems and secure land tenure (i.e., the assurance that the owner’s rights to the land will be recognised, protected, and enforced if challenged by others) help the owners make long-term investments in land and agriculture, and decide to retain or sell their land and alternatively in the case of investors who want […]

What are the types of plots for sale in Bangalore for investment?

The real estate industry has seen a significant boost over the years as an increasing number of working professionals moved to Bangalore for better job opportunities. The Garden City has different types of property available for sale, from ready-to-move-in apartments and villas to plots for sale in Bangalore for investment. So, people looking to invest […]

Investing in agricultural farmland in Bangalore

Most people don’t know much about investing in farmlandss and its benefits. In fact, ‘is buying farmland a good investment in Bangalore’ is one of the most often asked questions. The answer is a resounding YES! There are so many advantages associated with investing in agricultural farmlands in Bangalore. Check out the below features of […]

Benefits of investing in farmlands

With their purchasing power increasing, Indian investors are looking for new ways to profit from their investments. Investing in agricultural land is one such method. While some investors keep farmlands as assets, others supplement their income by tapping into the growing market for organic fruits and vegetables. Here are some of the benefits you can […]