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What can you do at Serene Farms?
What can you do at Serene Farms? What comes to mind when you read ‘farmland’? Is it a serene visual of a farmhouse, with the occasional chicken running across? Or a piece of land blooming with flowers of every colour? Perhaps it’s a ranch, with beautiful horses and cattle grazing about? Is it a palace where you see yourself relaxing away from the noise of the city, with a breath of crisp country air to …
What are Farmlands?
An essential part of any well-functioning ecosystem, these lands are typically arable and fertile, which allow the growth of a variety of crops, flora, and in turn, fauna. The diversity of environmental faculties in any given piece of land is remarkable in itself, but farmlands reach out a bit further into sustaining their microcosm throughout all  seasons.  Cultivation on such land can range from vegetable, fruit, and flower gardens to plant nurseries, horticulture, and permaculture …
Your farmplot, your choice.
Just because Serene Farms have ‘farm’ plots, doesn't mean you need to begin planting crops or gardens or maintain it agriculture-wise. It simply means that the land you have bought, can be planted in, but is not limited to farming. It opens up the doors to build your own farmhouse, a weekend villa that you can also rent out, a refreshing break from the city life, a holiday home for your very own. Serene Farms …
Benefits of investing in farmlands
With their purchasing power increasing, Indian investors are looking for new ways to profit from their investments. Investing in agricultural land is one such method. While some investors keep farmlands as assets, others supplement their income by tapping into the growing market for organic fruits and vegetables. Here are some of the benefits you can have by choosing to invest in a farmland plot: 1. High Level of Capital Security and A Low Level of …
Investing in agricultural farmland in Bangalore
Most people don't know much about investing in farmlandss and its benefits. In fact, 'is buying farmland a good investment in Bangalore' is one of the most often asked questions. The answer is a resounding YES! There are so many advantages associated with investing in agricultural farmlands in Bangalore. Check out the below features of an agricultural plot before you buy farmland for investment near Bangalore. Asset Value Appreciation The value of an agricultural plot …
What are the types of plots for sale in Bangalore for investment?
The real estate industry has seen a significant boost over the years as an increasing number of working professionals moved to Bangalore for better job opportunities. The Garden City has different types of property available for sale, from ready-to-move-in apartments and villas to plots for sale in Bangalore for investment. So, people looking to invest in property in Bangalore have a wide range of properties to choose from. Irrespective of the city, most of the …
Why Serene Farms for farm plot investment?
As the pressures of city life increase, so does one’s longing towards acquiring a free and open space for you to call yours/home. Each day brings with it a new task, and each task weighs on you with the heaviness that can only be lightened by reconnecting with your roots. A farmland estate offers exactly just that, a space to relax, to pause time, and breathe in the verdant goodness of Nature that rejuvenates one …
Vastu for Farm House
Vastu requirements for farmland differ slightly, and having a vacation home with the right placement is essential for relaxation. The most advisable positioning for a farmhouse according to Vastu, is to construct your home on the South-Western side of your plot. Agricultural rules for Vastu state that the land must be levelled evenly. In case the land itself is a slope, it is recommended that the slope of the land is either facing the North …
What does it legally mean to invest in land?
Strong land governance systems and secure land tenure (i.e., the assurance that the owner’s rights to the land will be recognised, protected, and enforced if challenged by others) help the owners make long-term investments in land and agriculture, and decide to retain or sell their land and alternatively in the case of investors who want to use their land, they might transfer their land rights. But when the land governance systems are conflicting, or the …
The Karnataka Land Reforms Act (2020) simplified
Over the years, land and gold have been the top choice for investments among the common man. The profits generated in the form of regular rents from owning a home have added tax benefits, financial security, appreciation and leverage for your investment. Gold offers one a downside protection and a positive performance as currencies tend to fall against the gold value over time. The trends for asset investment have leaned towards stability and security, now …
How does it beneficial to buy farmland near Bangalore?

Bangalore is one of India’s fastest-growing cities, with the boom in technological hubs in the city creating a need to move lifestyles out into the open country. Rejuvenation and recreation have been prioritized as well. Buying a farmland plot here ensures security in the form of a low-risk asset. A few other benefits of investing in a farmland plot are:

  1. Well-managed farmplots ensure high returns and capital security at a lower risk.
  2. You’ll have a fully renewable resource right at your fingertips, which is stable and sustainable.
  3. Long term profit generation, in the form of harvests.
  4. A counter tool to balance inflation risks/inflation resistant.
  5. A weekend home, if you wish to relax away from the city.
  6. independent and pollution-free living.
  7. Returns in the form of rentals, if you choose to rent out your farm land.
  8. Diversifies investment portfolio, reducing market risks.

Can I purchase agricultural land in Karnataka?

Yes, you can.

The Karnataka Land Reforms Act (1961) did not allow individuals without an agricultural background to own agricultural land in the state. However, this Act was repealed and amendments to it were introduced in 2020, which now allow any individual to buy agricultural and in Karnataka, regardless of their background.

Is it a good investment to buy a farmland in Bangalore?

Yes, it is an excellent investment as it gives long-term, reassured returns! Depending on what kind of returns you are looking for (fruit, timber, renting out, etc), you can go for either buying a farmland plot and constructing your home, or buying a farm plot that is managed for you, ie. if you want it to be maintained as a mini orchard, or crop, the company will do it for you.

Where can I find a farmland in Bangalore?

Serene Farms near Hoskote, Kolar, and Nandi Hills… they have 100 acres of managed farmland, with a good appreciation/returns value.

I’m looking for farmland to invest in, Which is the best farmland near/around Bangalore?

Selecting farmland depends on the type of investment you are looking for- is it agricultural, leisure, or something else?

Redifice Developers is already a well-established name in Bangalore, hence I looked out on their website first and pleasantly found what I was looking for — Serene Farms, an upcoming farmland development very close to Bangalore city limits. The brochure on their website has an extensive list of activities and opportunities ranging from having weekend getaway homes, horticulture, permaculture, meyawaki forest, and lots of plantations. I found that they manage the plots for the buyer, which means that I won’t have to be worried about the upkeep of my property either. I like the location as well, close to the state highway and only 20 minutes from Whitefield / K R Puram.

They have other upcoming benefits as well — a wide range of amenities like a massive 2-acre clubhouse, a restaurant cafe, swimming pool, a spa, and indoor-outdoor recreational facilities. Overall a great option for future investment as well. I’m including the link… worth checking out!

Is it a good investment to buy a farmland in Bangalore?

Yes, it is an excellent investment as it gives long-term, reassured returns! Depending on what kind of returns you are looking for (fruit, timber, renting out, etc), you can go for either buying a farmland plot and constructing your home, or buying a farm plot that is managed for you, ie. if you want it to be maintained as a mini orchard, or crop, the company will do it for you.

I want to purchase farmland to start organic farming in Karnataka. How do I get a loan to purchase farmland?

As of now, banks do not give loans for the specific purpose of buying agricultural land. Your other choices can be looking for flexible payment options for buying farmland.

However, at Serene Farms we offer personalized payment options that helps you own the asset by just paying 30% now and the remaining up to 12 months from the Agreement of Sale.