Managed Plantation:-

            Trees are beneficial in a lot more ways than one. Besides giving returns such as fruits, beautiful scenery, fresh air, trees like teak, hardwood, mahogany, and sandalwood can also be harvested for their valuable bark. The plot owner also has the option to choose from a wide variety of fruit trees (mango, guava, chikoo and coconut, to name a few) which will be included in the selling price of the property. These plantations will be maintained by us through a drip irrigation system, so all you need to do is sit back and collect the returns! 

Here are a few options for your orchard/tree plantation:

Fruit Trees:
Citrus(Oranges & Lemon)
Hardwood Trees:
Spice Gardens:
SF_bay leaf
Bay Leaf
All Spice
Resort Style Clubhouse:

           Across two acres, our clubhouse is planned to have a large swimming pool, a high-end health studio, spa & sauna and a gourmet restaurant-cafe. This luxury will be available to all property owners and will be maintained by us. Our clubhouse area will also include a lavish conventional hall, indoor and outdoor play areas for children and adults alike and gym facilities. The clubhouse charges will be collected from each property owner, once the Phase II of Serene Farms is completed. 

Work From Home Services:

           With cab facilities to and from the property, the short commute between city and country is made even easier, so you don’t have to worry about reaching the city in time as and when required. We also have high-speed internet services, which will be available to all property owners at Serene Farms.

Sustainable Living at Serene Farms:

Every aspect of Serene Farms is aimed at being environment-friendly and sustainable. Each plot owner can choose to have a rainwater harvesting system for their plots, and the streetlamps will be solar-powered.