To buy agricultural land in India, the laws before needed one to have an agricultural background. Today anyone can buy farm land in Bangalore, regardless of their background. Serene Farms Hoskote are farmland plots within a 30 minute’s drive from Bangalore. These managed farm land plots are strategically located off the Hoskote-Malur Highway with great connectivity to the upcoming STRR corridor (Chennai-Bangalore) and the current tech industry zone Whitefield close by as well.

The future development of Serene Farms Hoskote will have a clubhouse, restaurants and facilities like spas and swimming pools for the property owners to relax in leisure. Each plot in the estate comes with your choice of heartwood or fruit tree plantation, decided upon the time of sale and without any extra cost. This plantation will be maintained by a drip irrigation system put into place by us, so that all you need to do is sit back, relax and keep collecting the returns from the plantation. 

The area around Hoskote has a wide range of tourist attractions such as the Atal Bihari Botanical Gardens, the quiet Antharagange Caves, and the sacred Avani Temple, believed by many to be the birthplace of Luv and Kush. If you are a person who loves exploring history, trekking, and relaxing with nature, this is the perfect investment for you!

#SereneFarms at Hoskote

Mr. Kailash

We purchased the farmland in Serene Farms for a weekend home. We always dreamt of having a house for a vacation or a weekend getaway.

Kailash - 19/05/2021

Mr. Rakesh Nagaraj

I have always been interested in farmlands. The prices at Serene Farms are almost half of that in the surrounding areas

Rakesh Nagaraj - 07/11/2021

Mr Manzoor

When it comes to investing in land, trust is a crucial element. The advisory board of the company has a lot of experts and leaders in their respective fields.

Manzoor - 10/10/2020

Mrs Safiya

Yes, I get to own some land! But more than that, I feel proud to be doing something for the earth.

Safiya - 15/01/2021

Mrs Roohi Azam

It’s about habitat and open space. And it’s about keeping land, giving people a chance to experience the sky and earth – we don’t get that very often in the city these days.

Roohi Azam - 23/11/2020

Mr Sumit Khanna

I want to leave behind for my future. A sustainable way of living is what I want my children to have easy access to.

Sumit Khanna - 10/11/2021

An opportunity to put down your roots for generations to come, a perfect vacation spot or a weekend getaway.