Nandi Hills

Farm Plots by the Hillside

Project Highlights

Serene Farms – Nandi Hills, a sprawling 100+ acres of scenic beauty comprising of farm plots is just an hour away from the main city, offering the comforts of modern amenities of the city life and the raw connection with the natural world. The plots are ideally located in a secured compound, providing a sense of community and security. A home-based on solace, with nature by your side. Modernity meets raw essentiality, by creating a genteel balance between every comfort human advancement can offer and the delights a fresh breath of nature brings.

Nandi Hills is the most popular tourist destination of Bangalore. Located a mere 50 kms away from the center of the city, its rich architectural legacy and glorious vantage points overlooking the valley is a living paradise. Old fortresses, abandoned railway stations and ancient temples have rich historic significance. Nandi Hill’s ecology is one of the most vibrant and diverse systems in South India, offering a unique experience to nature enthusiasts, families and children. The picturesque hills span around 40 kms from north to south and the surrounding landscape offers an attractive proposition for those seeking a green serene environment, making it an ideal location to nurture peoples’ desire for a greener lifestyle that is an antidote to the urban sprawl.

Additionally, the property presents a grand entrance with superior safety and round-the-clock security. While aesthetically exquisite, function and efficiency are paramount in the design. The property can be divided for flexibility and for varying disciplines of leisure and monetization.

An opportunity to put down your roots for generations to come, a perfect vacation spot or a weekend getaway