Investing in agricultural farmland in Bangalore

Most people don’t know much about investing in farmlandss and its benefits. In fact, ‘is buying farmland a good investment in Bangalore’ is one of the most often asked questions. The answer is a resounding YES! There are so many advantages associated with investing in agricultural farmlands in Bangalore. Check out the below features of an agricultural plot before you buy farmland for investment near Bangalore.

  1. Asset Value Appreciation The value of an agricultural plot will appreciate beyond imagination in the coming years. Especially the farmlands that are close to urban centres like the ones by Serene Farms located off Hoskote-Malur will turn out to be lucrative just in a few years. Assured long-term wealth creation is one of the key features of a managed farmland.
  2. Hassle-free investment The recent amendment to the land reforms act in Karnataka now allows non-agriculturists to buy and own farmland. This is the perfect opportunity for young investors to own farmland without legal hassles.
  3. Perfect weekend getaway Farmlands make a perfect weekend getaway destination for families and friends. You can spend quality time with family
  4. Amenities farmlands from Serene Farms come with 30+ amenities: A 2-acre Modern Clubhouse, Indoor & Outdoor Convention Hall with a 1000+ capacity, Outdoor Jungle Gym and Activities for Kids, Multi-level ‘Glamping’ tents, Observation Decks, 24×7 Security and Surveillance, and much more.
  5. Environmental Benefits Besides the commercial benefits, the results of owning a farm plot can be quite satisfying and rewarding in terms of environment and sustainability. Water harvesting and groundwater recharge, soil nutrient enhancement, preserving essential soil bacteria and increasing soil carbon are some of the automatic consequences of owning a sustainable and organically managed farmland. It is an excellent way to give back what you have taken from mother nature.

Serene Farms with our deep experience in managing and operating farmlands.

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