Why Serene Farms for farm plot investment?

As the pressures of city life increase, so does one’s longing towards acquiring a free and open space for you to call yours/home. Each day brings with it a new task, and each task weighs on you with the heaviness that can only be lightened by reconnecting with your roots. A farmland estate offers exactly just that, a space to relax, to pause time, and breathe in the verdant goodness of Nature that rejuvenates one like nothing else. These eco-luxurious farmland spots are well nurtured and most carefully located to ensure no stone unturned in providing comfort and rest.

Serene Farms has farm plots for sale in North Bangalore that include Farm Plots by the Countryside in (Hoskote), Farm Plots by the Lakeside in (Kolar), and Farm Plots by the Hillside in (Nandi Hills). Each location of our farmland is selected being mindful of the potential of exponential growth that can be attributed to it. The plots are all located within a 30 minutes’ drive from Bangalore city, in locales that are poised at the brim of ecological and technological evolutions. This also constitutes direct opportunities for smart investments, with these areas predicted to transform into commercial hubs before long. Our farm plot projects are strategically located near water canals and are rich in soil fertility. While Serene Farms Hoskote is located just 8 km away from Hoskote, Serene Farms is situated just 5 km from Kolar Town.

Serene Farms is a 100+ acre gated farmland that has trees like Badam, Alphonso and Mallika. Plant fruits and timber trees are grown on your plot with state-of-the-art infrastructure and immaculate landscaping. This is the best place for a weekend getaway with family as the property comes with an established guest house. Not just that, you can build a weekend/retirement home for your family. Enjoy your weekend with amenities like a pre-installed hammock, kite flying, reading pods, family activities, cycling, observation decks, kids play area, ‘Glamping’ tenants, and a lot more.

Serene Farms Kolar is a 85+ acres land with a 35-acre lake that we are reviving through an expert team of horticulturists and perma-culturists that aim at promoting green living and reducing our carbon footprint to reduce climate change. This property is close to upcoming industrial developments like KIA motors, BEL, NACEN and AirBus. Educational institutions are just a 10-minute drive from the project. There are different activities like star-gazing under the open skies, amphitheatre, rafting, fishing, bird watching, ‘Glamping’ and more.

Why choose managed farmland?

Modern evolutions have turned our world into a fast paced, concrete jungle, where there is little or no room to breathe in nature. Each aspect of our lifestyle today, from the toothbrush we use to the vehicles we drive, have immense impacts on the natural world. These ecological implications have created an immediate need for us to live a more natural, healthier lifestyle. Nothing is more gratifying than living in the heart of nature, with every sense engaged in exploration and wonder!

Sustainability can be implemented in every way of life- being mindful of water and electricity consumption, transportation, socialization, eating habits, recycling and reusing, and responsible waste disposal. However, to aim higher, and for a longer term, it is essential that you invest in something that is beneficial for both you and the environment. A majority of these lifestyle changes will be taken care of when you choose to invest in a farm land plot. Growing your own organic greens, using renewable energy, recycling and reusing are some of the many benefits that come from investing in a farm land plots. A managed farm plot is even better, as you won’t have to worry about the upkeep of your property. At Serene Farms, each aspect of farm land living is evaluated and carefully looked after, from soil fertility and water availability to crop-planting and harvests. 

Farm Plot Investments for High-Yield

Farm Plot investment is a relatively new idea in the real estate realm in India. It has gained acceptance among investors and buyers for many reasons. However, there are a few important things you should keep in mind before investing in a farm plot. Always go with the pioneers in the field when it comes to real estate investment. Serene Farms is a subsidiary company of Redifice Developers, a pioneer with more than 11 years of experience in developing luxury homes in Bangalore city, we now endeavour to take on the outdoor living experience to a whole different level! We are also one of the top land developers in Bangalore.

A Farm Plot should come without the hassles of maintenance. Ideally, it is supposed to be a gift for the future generations. Making sure your farm plot is sustainable in terms of management and the environment is a good way to be assured that the farmland management is authentic and dedicated. Make sure the land has good soil fertility and water availability. The soil type should match the commodity grown there as the yields are very much dependent on these factors. A farm plot should have the right trees that match the soil conditions and climate. At Serene Farms, the farmlands are designed to cultivate and yield maximum benefits from timber plantations such as teak, sandalwood, melia dubia and mahogany.

The buyers should have a clear idea about what to expect from managed farmlands. The yields from managed farmland is dependent on many factors. We not only aim at providing a long-term wealth creation opportunity, it also makes a perfect weekend getaway!

Not many real estate Developers in North Bangalore offer high-quality plots that appreciate over time while ensuring a high yield of timber.

 How does farmland benefit local landholders?


Farmland investments are not just necessary for ensuring food security and encouraging economic growth, but also beneficial to the local landowners. Land investments are not problematic by themselves, given the wide range of what comes under investments in land. For example, when it comes to farmers (the major source of agro/land based investments) they have a wide range of critical investment options regarding land, agriculture, crops and fertiliser, farming equipment, structures, and the like. Applying the same to the common man, these translate into residential, commercial, and mixed use, depending on the owner’s idea for their property. However, especially when it comes to agricultural activities and land investments in general, the types, forms, and levels of investment considered ‘appropriate’ remain uncertain. Large and medium-scale land investments that have a transfer of rights to use land come with concerns, such as the potential to harm existing land users and local populations, leading to accusations of “land grabbing” in some circumstances.

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