Your farmplot, your choice.

Just because Serene Farms have ‘farm’ plots, doesn’t mean you need to begin planting crops or gardens or maintain it agriculture-wise. It simply means that the land you have bought, can be planted in, but is not limited to farming. It opens up the doors to build your own farmhouse, a weekend villa that you can also rent out, a refreshing break from the city life, a holiday home for your very own. Serene Farms is a space for community living, with niches that ensure your private spheres thrive as well. 

Besides having your own little bubble in the midst of the rejuvenating energy of Nature, Serene Farms comes with added benefits for recreational activities that range from bird-watching to opportunities to explore the natural world. Hammocks can be found around the development open for your leisure and areas for silent meditation or activities that demand your full attention. The clubhouse at Serene Farms offers an even wider range of activities, catering to every individual’s fancy- a game room complete with both plug-and-play games as well as the traditional board and indoor games, an indoor studio for fitness and yoga, a spa and sauna for a day of self-pampering, a creche for the young ones to play around in, libraries and reading pods, the possibilities for recreation and relaxation are endless really! The community in itself offers outdoor activities for both the nature enthusiast and the nature explorer- the area is as serene as it can get, just far away enough from the city for the abundance of flora and fauna to flourish, and just close enough to easily shuttle between the two. 

Balance your personal and professional life.

With the new normal settling into everyone’s lives, it brings with it a whole new set of adjustments. Excessive screen time, an increase in static lifestyle, collaboration between the employee, employer and family members, managing people-relations from behind a screen- these seemed like the ideal lifestyle when it was first temporarily introduced. As time went on, these changes turned into issues that needed immediate attention. A majority of employees working in IT sectors and MNCs prefer working from home, but also understand the disadvantages of the same. In between the responsibilities of the home and the duties from the workplace, the average work-from-home employee barely finds time for themselves to relax. One way to adapt to these fast paced changes is to create a work-friendly environment at home- minimising distractions to maximise performance. Country air can make a world of a difference while working from home. Work from home is now being backed by and even recommended by a few top industrialists, which makes working from a crowded city tedious at the most. Step out into the free and open spaces of Serene Farms, and make them your home.

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